Traversing Boundaries, a Call for Artists 2017 Exhibition

Korean Cultural Center New York presents
Traversing Boundaries, a Call for Artists 2017 Exhibition

Tuesday, September 12th through Friday, October 13th , 2017
Organized by the Gallery Korea of the Korean Cultural Center
New York 460 Park Ave 6th Floor, New York, NY 10022

New York, NY - Gallery Korea of the Korean Cultural Center New York is pleased to present Traversing Boundaries , the third “Call for Artists” exhibition of this year.

Selected by a jury that consists of professionals who are active in the New York art scene, the exhibition features artworks of creative contemporary artists Ye-seul Choi, Wojciech Gilewicz, Seungjo Jeong, June JuHyun Kang, Kyungjin Kim, Jeong Soo Lim , Hyun Ji Rie, and Doohyun Yoon who pass through, and play with, the boundaries of space, materials, and ideas across a variety of mediums, including painting, illustration, video, and installations. The exhibition will be on view through October 13t h , 2017.

In Traversing Boundaries, over 15 artworks are on display to show how artists alter, convert and reinterpret the idea of borderlines in their works. Rather than merely pointing out the gulf between different subjects, the artworks play with the notion of distinctions and boundaries by interjection, amalgamation, and dissolution of different concepts. The result is a diverse experience for the audience that provides a variety of perspectives to highlight the many complex and idiosyncratic approaches to the concept of “boundary.”

The works of Doohyun Yoon explore the gap between utopia and reality by using ordinary everyday objects; Kyung-jin Kim ‘s installation works visualize the unperceived experiences caused by changing circumstances; Hyun Ji Rie ’s installation invites audience to play with the notion of ‘home’ as she challenges the often warm and cozy impression that it holds; In the works of Jeong Soo Lim , the relationship between sculpture, space, and body are considered through installation pieces; June JuHyun Kang is an art therapist whose works are part of a journey to find her own identity as an artist and therapist; By comparing the graphical user interface (GUI) with artworks, Seungjo Jeong sees the GUI as an artistic layer where intriguing interactions occur between the artist and the viewer; Wojciech Gilewicz ’s video raises questions about the role of paintings, a traditional form of art, and contemporary art (such as videos) in today’s art system; Ye-seul Choi explores the tactility of paper and its inherent materiality in its many diverse forms.

About the Artists

Ye-seul Choi is a Korea-based artist who works in painting, drawing, installation, and performance. She received her BFA in Kookmin University in Korea and MFA in Studio Art at Stony Brook University. Her work has been exhibited in numerous solo exhibitions including the Lawrence Alloway Memorial Gallery, New York; Home Art Gallery, New York; and Creative Cultural Space Kring, Korea. She has exhibited in group exhibitions at the Patchougue Art Gallery, New York; The Islip Art Museum, New York; and Greenpoint Gallery, New York. The New York Foundation for the Arts included her in the 2016 Immigrant Artist Program.

Wojciech Gilewicz who lives and works in New York and Warsaw produces paint, photography, video and installation pieces as well as performances. Gilewicz studied Painting from Academy of Fine Arts in Poznan in Warsaw, Poland and received his Masters in painting and photography. His works have been presented internationally including exhibitions at the Incheon Art Platform, Korea; Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts, Taiwan; Contemporary Art Museum in Saint Louis; and the Museum of Fine Arts, Ukraine. Gilewicz has participated in a number of artist residency programs including the Flux Factory, New York; Residency Unlimited, New York; Akiyoshidai International Art Village Residency, Japan; and Changdong Art Studio of the National Museum of Contemporary Art Residency, Korea.

Seungjo Jeong who currently works in London, studied Fine Arts at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and Painting at the Royal College of Art in United Kingdom. Participation in solo and group exhibitions includes the Hockney Gallery, London; CICA Museum, Korea; Sejong Museum of Art, Korea; and the Historic Centre of Athens, Greece. He is a recipient of numerous awards such as the Bloomberg New Contemporaries, Khojaly Peace Prize, and Nippon Steel USA.

June JuHyun Kang is an artist and art therapist who facilitates clinical interventions using various forms of creative arts including literature, photography, film, and music in a humanistic and therapeutic approach. June received a Bachelor's degree in Psychology and completed her Master's degree in Art Therapy at the School of Visual Arts. She has worked with various populations with mental and/or biological health issues in community, school, and medical settings. She was an art director for newspaper companies in Canada & USA and participated in several group exhibitions in Canada & New York City, including art therapy exhibitions, workshops, and special projects. Currently, she is pursuing her doctorate degree in Art Therapy Psychology in Northern California.

Brooklyn-based multimedia artist Kyungjin Kim studied sculpture from Hongik University, Seoul, Korea and further pursued his studies by earning an MFA at the Sculpture Program at the School of Art Institute of Chicago. His installation works have been featured at KOSA Art Space, Seoul; Seoul National University, Hongik Museum of Art, Seoul; The Carrie Able Gallery, New York; and Mass MoCA. His works have also been reviewed in art magazines such as art IN CULTURE and Art Reveal.

Based in Korea, Jeong Soo Lim works on sculptural works that reveals the relationship between the artwork, its space and the body that experiences it. She received her BFA and MFA from Korea National University of Arts, Korea. Numerous institutions in Korea have presented Lim’s works such as Yanju City Chang Ucchin Museum of Art, Seoul Museum of Art, Ilhyn Museum, and the Sejong Center. Lim participated in Bitamine Faktoria International Artist Residency in Spain and Kura Studio AIR Residency in Japan. She was awarded the 2015 ILHYUN Travel Grant.

Hyun Ji Rie is an installation artist who lives and works in Seoul, Korea. She earned her BFA in Fine Arts from Pratt Institute with highest honors in 2015. Her works were presented in various locations in New York and Seoul including Gallery DOS, Seoul; Dongdaemoon DDP, Seoul; Pink Gallery, Seoul, Rudelle & Norman Schafler Gallery, New York; and Greenpoint Gallery, New York. She is currently participating in Euljiro Art/ Design Project residency and teaching art at an art institution in Korea.

Doohyun Yoon who lives and works in Brooklyn, received his BFA in Environmental Sculpture from University of Seoul, Korea and an MFA at Maryland Institute College of Art. Yoon’s work has been shown in various institutions in the US and Korea including The Mint Museum, Charlotte; Leidy and Riggs Gallery, Baltimore; 440 Gallery, New York; Art Space Pool, Seoul, Korea; and Open Space Bae in Busan, Korea. He is currently participating in the Chashama Residency Program in Brooklyn and AIM Program at the Bronx Museum of the Arts.

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