2013-2014 Open Stage: KKumdongi Puppet Theatre "Climb a Willow to the Sea GOD'S Palace"

Friday, April 25, 2014 at 7PM

Korean Cultural Service NY

(RSVP Closed) 


English subtitles will be provided.


Korean puppets, sounds and drawings take children to a universal fairy tale, talking brotherhood and love. 

Climb a Willow to the Sea GOD'S Palace is a live painting puppet theatre. Actors draw 8 different Korean paintings on Korean traditional paper (“Hanji”) and the paintings become the background of scenes. Handmade shadow puppets emerge from the painted scenes accompanied by Korean musical rhythm, which allows the audience to be immersed into the old fairy tale. Particularly, young audience members will be captivated with its creative performance and moral lesson. 

The story is about brotherly love and filial duty towards parents. The main characters are two friendly brothers who once lived in Kangwon Province in Korea. Their father's last words lead to a disagreement between the brothers, and they go their separate ways. The younger brother follows their father's words and reunites with their father in the Palace of the Sea King but of some disturbing news about his elder brother. 

Kkumdongi Puppet Theatre
Since April of 1996, Kkumdongi Puppet Theatre has performed their puppet performance, juvenile drama, and cultural education programs. The organization focuses on creating and developing their original plays such as the Kangwon Province Folk Tale Series. 


  • 2012 Outstanding Production at "GO! Avignon OFF”, Busan International Performing Arts Festival
  • 2012 Silver Award and Production Design Award at the 10th Gimcheon National Family Theatre Festival


  • 2006~2013 Korea Culture Week in Shenyang, China
  • Edinburgh Fringe Festival show invited Kingdom, The Space Theatre, UK

Free admission, but RSVP is required.  (RSVP Closed) 

If you have any inquiry, call at 212-759-9550 (ex.210) or email performingarts@koreanculture.org. 

Miro Yoon