Open Stage: Contemporary Dance "Brother", "Story of B" by Dance Theater CHANG

Friday, January 17, 2014 at 7PM

Gallery Korea, Korean Cultural Service in New York

(RSVP Closed)


Dance Theater CHANG was created in South Korea in 2006. In two choreographies – each of them created for two dancers – persons meet and demand everything from each other. In the course of these highly physical works, Namjin Kim sounds out moments of individual desperation, yet allows space for change and utopia. 

Dance Theater CHANG aims to make dance works that are more realistic and factual, rather than displaying abstract images, by adding theatrical aspects. They create unique Korean contemporary dance theatre works that show power but calm movements. 

“Brother” is dedicated to Kim’s relationship with his own, disabled brother, who is with him on stage. “Story of B” starts off with an encounter with a beggar in London. 

Admission is free, but RSVP is required. 


(Awarded for the best performance at PROTHEATR2010Moscow festival)
My only loving baby brother Sung Gook is disabled. Ever since we were infants, we were very close, making us not only brothers but also best friends. However, one day I realized that every time we went outside together, people would look at us strange. After a while, I found out that it was because of Sung Gook and from then I was ashamed to be known as his brother and every time I looked at him, I became furious. Soon with the disappointment in myself and feeling sorry towards my brother, my behavior turned violent and I started hitting and abusing him. 
Even then, my little brother never once looked at me with resentment or screamed once…… The days when I didn’t know much…… 
I can’t imagine all the pain and scars that I might have caused him.
Now old and matured, I look at him……
Still with the pure innocent eyes, my baby brother Sung Gook looks to me…… depending on me……
I now talk about my only loving baby brother.

"Story of B"
According to my memory, it was during a winter in the city of London.
Like all the other big cities, it carries the sadness that comes from the cold indifferences between the busy people on the streets… 
The constant sound of a beggar pleading spread throughout the train and the fact that no one tried to help or cared about the beggar made me sad.
What was the homeless begging for? 
My sadness does not come from the winter’s cold, nor the hunger inside of me.
But it comes from the eyes that do not give me even a glance.
I beg…
I look up to you.

Miro Yoon