Open Stage: Contemporary Dance Hyun-ju Lee Dance Company & Laban Movers

Thursday, January 16, 2014 at 7PM

Gallery Korea, Korean Cultural Service in New York

 (RSVP Closed)


“Dynamic Korean Dance toward Cosmopolitan” aims to ideal Korean dance of future for globalization.

The performance seeks to break down the wall between the audience and the performer through dance movements embodying the spirits of movement within stillness through the mystery of the core which harmoniously handles the energy of the universe by the control of breathing, and through the communion with those experiencing the union of the body, mind, and spirit. 

In this context, there is no seat and barrier of stage between audience and performer. It could be turned into a place for interaction with all people who are audience, staff and dancers. 

This environment actively invites the audience to performing space and practically would share dancers’ expression. 
The program will consist of three major parts: Past with Korean traditional dance and New dance, Present with Korean Contemporary dance and Future with movement choir (improvisational dance). 

This order indicates a Journey through Our Dance History that to enable an exploration of the periodic developments of Korean Dance. 

The first communion provides a taste of the communication between spirit and nature and the transition of naturalism, through the traditional dances of Chuneangjeon (Korean Court Dance), Yeongnam Gyobangchung-Chum (Dance from the Government School or Department of Dance and Singing, during the Koryo and Chosun dynasties of Korea – from 10th to early 20th century), and Hanlyangmu (Dance of Prodigal). 

The second New Dance corner, shows through the classic folk dance of Janggo-Chum (Hourglass Drum Dance), the transition and characteristics of Korean Dance during the Enlightenment period from the late 19th to early 20th century. 

The third Korean Contemporary dance part, Soul-Forever and Ever, provide an experience of the philosophy and phenomenology of the Korean Dance in the contemporary age. In the last Movement Choir(Improvisational Dance) corner, The Thought Embroidered with Heaven, Earth and Humanity aim to facilitate the communication between the oriental philosophy of naturalism and the western philosophy of rationalism. 

Part I. The Aesthetic of Classic ‘Gwanye and Honye’

  1. Chuneangjeon
  2. Yeongnam Gyobangchung-Chum
  3. Hanlyangmu
  4. Janggo-Chum

Part II. The Aesthetic of Contemporary

  1. Soul-Forever and Ever
  2. The Thought Embroidered with Heaven, Earth and Humanity
Miro Yoon