Special Exhibition in Celebration of the 600th Anniversary of the Enthronement of King Sejong

September 19, 2018 ~ December 20, 2018

Joseon gallery

"In no era other than that of King Sejong has the country been blessed with so many talented individuals."

King Sejong (세종대왕, 世宗大王, r.1418-1450) set off a cultural renaissance by nurturing talent in various fields. Behind the brilliant achievements of talented individuals in each field was King Sejong’s persistent support and initiative. His timely policies ultimately led to a rich cultural legacy, the fruits of which we enjoy even today. In celebration of the 600th anniversary of the installation of King Sejong the Great, the National Museum of Korea has organized this special presentation of state-designated cultural properties displaying the culture and spirit of his reign.

For more information, please visit http://www.museum.go.kr/site/eng/home (Korea, English, Japanese, simplified Chinese)

Miro Yoon