A Black Dance in the Air

Sarangbang (사랑방) Special Installation

September 14th – December 14th, 2018

Gallery Korea at the Korean Cultural Center New York
(460 Park Ave. 6th Floor, New York, NY 10022)



EWON MOON, a Black Dance in the Air_1710ai, mixed material on wooden panel, 60X40cm, 2017


The Korean Cultural Center New York is pleased to present a special installation, “A Black Dance in the Air” by Ewon Moon in the Center’s unique space, the sarangbang, as part of the Call for Artists 2018 program.

Sarangbang (사랑방), a traditional Korean reception and study room, was a multi-use space for male scholars and noblemen in the Joseon Dynasty. The space involves various elements of traditional Korean culture. Nowadays, the use of the room is open to everyone and has expanded to a more interactive space. To reflect these changing interpretations of the sarangbang and to emphasize its communicative power, Ewon Moon has been selected to feature a work that engages with this specific room.

EWON MOON, a Black Dance in the Air Series (1710ad-1710bh-1710ab-1710af), mixed material on wooden panel, 40X60cm, 2017


Ewon Moon expresses the sublime beauty of the life cycles of annual plants and flowers that give life to the next generation as they wither. From the joys and sorrows of the process to the plants’ last struggles as they scatter into the cold air, their lives are celebrated and sublimated into a unique beauty. Her paintings, made of inlaid mother-of-pearl, ask us about the essential values of life and invites the audience to breath together with the art.


About the Artist

Moon received her B.F.A. and M.F.A. in Asian Traditional Painting at Hongik University. She finished M.Ed coursework at the University of British Columbia, and published an article in the International Journal of Arts Education to spread a notion of A/r/topographical Literati Painting (ALP). Her works have been widely displayed in various institutions such as the Incheon Art Platform G1 Gallery in Korea, the Sty-Wet-Tan Hall in Canada, and the Kunst-Direkt gallery in Germany. Her artworks are also included in Osan Museum of Art and the Art Bank collection of the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea.


Miro Yoon