Hyong Nam Ahn Solo Exhibition "Seeing (through) Music"

October 27th- November 24th, 2010

Gallery Korea of Korean Culture Service NY
(460 Park Ave, 6th Floor, NY City)

Opening reception on Wednesday October 27th, from 6-8 pm

This exhibition features AHN’s installations, which he composed of visual idioms of his own interpretations of western music, using colors, and fluorescent tubes.
Artist Hyong Nam Ahn is a person who is filled with pure love in his soul and body, through his works he expressing inspirations from music and is reflecting his symphatical feelings of human relationships from his inner thoughts – such as rhythmical shapes of his works shows that he is having a conversation with music and the using of fluorescent tubes and colors calling brightness and happiness from deep inside of human- makes us get closer to a spirit and enough to take our attention.

He does not working with a systems which he trims or adds to depending on the size of the space that he is imposition his own way according to the unit. He explores the way in which the material functions as both the subject matter and the material basis of contemporary art. Ahn’s placement of fluorescent tubes and choice of the lengths and standard colors are intuitive and poetic.
Ahn was born in Korea and lived in Seoul until 1973 when, at the age of 19, he came to Unite States to study and earned his MFA in 1980 from School of the Art Institute of Chicago in Sculpture with emphasis in kinetic and Electronics. His BFA, received in 1978 is also from the School of the Art Institute. Growing up in an artistic family – his father was a writer and one sister is a violinist, another is a pianist and he study classical music from the middle school and high school.
Also Ahn has received numerous commissions for public sculptures from notable institutions and corporations such as McDonald Corporation in Kirkland, WA; The Mayor's Advisory Committee on Art & Culture, Baltimore, MD; and McCormick Place Donnelly Hall World Convention Center, Chicago, IL. 
As well, this is his first solo exhibition in New York, and expects his creation works of great beauty.        

For more information: 
Please contact the artist Hyong Nam Ahn at hyong.ahn@gmail.com, or 206)200-0177 or Gallery Korea at 212)759-9550

Miro Yoon