"NY/Paris : Sook Jin Jo & Hye-Sook Yoo"

September 12 - September 30, 2006

Zone Chelsea Center for the Arts
Opening Reception: September 12, 2006, 6 - 8pm

The first collaborative effort between Korean Cultural Services New York and Paris last year created a momentum to broaden the cultural scope and vision of each hosting institute, as well as the art audiences in both cities. This year, Sook Jin Jo, a sculptor based in New York, and Hye-Sook Yoo, a painter from Paris, are featured first at Zone Chelsea Center for the Arts in New York City and subsequently at Galerie Gana Boubeaurg in Paris, from September through November of this year. 

Sook Jin Jo is an artist who has shown solid performances as a sculptor over the past twenty years in New York City, and received critical acclaim from the art community. Jo has constructed abstract structures out of found objects, encompassing wood, industrial products and debris, and established her own sculptural arena. Her site-specific installations create a unique environment, offering the viewer a moment of contemplation - on art, nature, and the nature of art and life. Sook Jin Jo has been featured in numerous art publications, and most recently has been designated as one of our most important contemporary sculptors in A Sculptor Reader: Contemporary Sculpture Since 1980, edited by Glenn Harper and Twylene Moyer 

Her central piece on this show is her site specific work ¢®¡ÆWhere did you go¢®¡¾ which embodies the idea that all of creation is interconnected. Composed of wooden materials such as boards, lathed lumber and weathered branches as well as man-made objects, which she found at random around NYC; her work is on spontaneous and intuitive process in the creation of unexpected forms and spaces. 

Hye-Sook Yoo is a painter, who came to France in 1987 after having completed her studies in Eastern painting in Seoul. After studying at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris, Yoo has been noticed for her original technique mixing painting and drawing, and her particularly suggestive black forms of stunning presence. Yoo already has four personal solo exhibitions in France. 

Yoo ll display acrylic canvas painting series of ¢®¡ÆHair¢®¡¾, ¢®¡ÆHood¢®¡¾ and ¢®¡ÆTowel¢®¡¾ which will show the silhouette images of female hair, hoods and underwear. Her paintings of enlarged objects create astounding presence and question the nature of reality. 

Gallery hours are 11:00 am to 6:00 pm from Tuesday through Saturday. For more information, contact Yu Jin Hwang, curator of Korean Cultural Service NY at 212-759-9550 or Zone: Chelsea Center for the Arts at 212-255-2177. 

Miro Yoon