NY/Paris Exchange Exhibition

September 12-30, 2006
Zone Chelsea Center for the Arts
(601 W.26th St. #302, NYC, Tel: 212-255-2177)

Opening Reception: Tuesday, September 12, 2006 - 6-8 pm

NY/Paris Exchange Exhibition between Korean Cultural Service New York and Paris: Sook Jin Jo & Hye-Sook Yoo

The 2nd New York/Paris Exchange Exhibition between the Korean Cultural Service New York and Paris will be held from September 12 to 30 in New York and subsequently from October 25 to November 15 in Paris, featuring mixed media works of Sook Jin Jo from New York and Hye-Sook Yoo from Paris. 

The environmental works of Sook Jin Jo and Hye-Sook Yoo produces multi layers of meanings, contrasting nature and human, and the internal and external space. Sook Jin Jo’s sculptural pieces, which do not exclude painterly quality, conduces the audience to meditation, and Hye-Sook Yoo’s figurative paintings and installations explores the nature of painting, the theme of existence and non-existence.

Showcasing two artists, this exhibition has been organized by the Korean Cultural Service NY and Paris in order to further promote the works of both artists in the mainstream of both cities as well as to raise the mutual awareness of artistic activities by two cultural services in New York and Paris.  

Miro Yoon