March 15 -April 6, 2001

Gallery Korea at the Korean Cultural Center New York
(460 Park Ave. 6th Floor, New York, NY 10022)

SoHyun Bae
Krys Lipinski
Lisa Macbride
Anna Paik
Dong Qiu
Elizabeth Riley

Gallery Korea is pleased to announce the opening of STORY on March 15th. This exhibition of paintings and works on paper features a range of scenes taken from both life and the imagination. SoHyun Bae’s paintings are from a series “An Ode to the Women of Josun Dynasty” in which she creates imaginary portraits of women from the Josun period (1392-1911). These large heads appear coaxed out from between layers of paint and paper and have the evanescence of an apparition. There is also a fleeting quality to the shadows that evoke the presence of people in the stark series “Notes on Forgiveness” by Elizabeth Riley. These traces are manipulated in a computer before being printed onto paper to which the artist adds marks in ink. The Indonesian puppets that populate the watercolors of Lisa Macbride are surrogates for the artist and reflect aspects of her personal history. These actors perform within the boundaries of patterned borders that surround and protect a stage that is a public arena for private feelings. 
Dong Qiu uses observation and memory to create genre scenes of urban life. The fluid style of her colorful oil paintings indicates a convergence of Eastern and Western pictorial sensibilities. The vulnerability of the innocent is the theme expressed in the watercolors of Kris Lipinsky. His use of exaggerated perspectives and dynamic lines evokes a chaotic world in which individuals appear defenseless against the aggressive marketing of our corporate culture. The oil paintings of Anna Paik are rich meditations on traditional still life subjects. Her depiction of fruit and bowls, oysters and seashells recollects a sensual experience of the inanimate world. 

The different stories and the diverse styles evident in this exhibition indicates the broad reach and continuing vitality of picture making. 

Miro Yoon