February 15 - March 7, 2001

Gallery Korea at the Korean Cultural Center New York
(460 Park Ave. 6th Floor, New York, NY 10022)

Min Cho
Jiyoung Chae
Margaret Cogswell
Solange Fabiao
Ji Seon Hwang

Gallery Korea is pleased to announce the opening of Re-Location, an exhibition in which five artists will present installations. The film projected onto the gallery wall by Solange Fabiao provides a glimpse at the ecological disturbance that accompanies the displacement of Arizona desert by suburban sprawl. Photographs from the film mounted on steel panels focus on a dismal attempt to transplant the Saguaro Cactus that is essential for the nesting of migratory birds. Min Cho incorporates a wall, the floor in an installation, which features a steel bird watching over small islands that represent the earth. The title, "A Bird in a Cube ? Tells the Tales of a Thousand Days", indicates the compression of space and time evoked in the sculpture. The suspended sculptures of Jiyoung Chae are made from leaves and berries that are strung together on long wires. The materials are slightly modified and the work suggests a convergence of the natural and the cultural in a way that blurs the boundaries between these distinct categories. In "Archives" Margaret Cogswell explores the capacity of discarded objects to retain information and also accumulate the patina of history. Ji Seon Hwang will install objects connected with a traditional Korean funeral ceremony. Titled "Mother/Motherland" the work incorporates materials used by shamans such as paper and straw. In celebrating the memory of her mother in this way she also commemorates the passing of tradition in her motherland. 

The variety of materials and media on view in this exhibition reflect ways contemporary artists transform and charge gallery space with the particularities of their own perspectives. 

Miro Yoon