Chungmuro Express: The Age of Success (Seong-gong Shidae)

Thursday, April 24, 2008 at 7:30 PM

Anthology Film Archives
(32 Second Ave., NYC)

JANG Sun-woo, 110 minutes

Classic Korean Cinema presents The Age of Success (Seong-gong Shidae)


KIM Pan-chok works in the sales promotion department of a sweetener manufacturer, but then is hospitalized after a heated sales war with a leading competitor. He devises a genius plan while in the hospital, to stage a fake romance with a cafe owner, to obtain classified information from the competitor. Pan-Chok is rewarded with fame and power…but then the tables turn. Pan-Chok is a surreptitiously complex character. Made while South Korea was still under dictatorship, this film's subversive subtext runs away with a scathing critique of Korea's then rising capitalism.

This film is in Korean with English subtitles.

Film Curator Ms. Hyun-Ock Im will introduce the program and lead a discussion after the screening.

Anthology Film Archives (32  Second Ave., NYC, Tel: 212-505-5181)
Free Admission: RSVP at 212-759-9550

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