Nowhere to Hide

April 6, 2004 at 6:30 PM

Korean Cultural Service New York

Lee Myeong-Se, Action, 1999, 112 minutes

Acclaimed for its visual style and brilliancy, Nowhere to Hide chronicles a police hunt of a criminal mastermind. The film attracted critical attention the world over for the sheer stylishness of its cinematography and action sequences. In his March 2000 review, Elvis Mitchell of the New York Times remarked,  (Nowhere to Hide) features a number of set pieces that will enter the vocabulary of film.

Director Myung-se Lee has been recognized as a successor to John Woo, Alfred Hitchcock and Sergei Eisenstein for this astonishing film, which won the Blue Dragon Award in 1999 for best film and best supporting actor. 

The Korean Cultural Service is especially proud to announce that Mr. Lee will be present for the Nowhere to Hide screening, and will give a brief talk and lead a discussion of his film. A reception will follow.

Miro Yoon