A Little Monk

March 25, 2004 at 6:30 PM

Korean Cultural Service New York

Joo Kyung-jung, Drama, 2002, 102 minutes

A Little Monk is a lush, contemporary Buddhist allegory. The film recounts the story of three monks from three different generations: little nine-year-old Do-nyeom, who secretly hopes that his mother will return and take him away to the big city; the young man Jeong-Shim, who is obsessed by temptations of the flesh; and the strict, elderly temple master. Two Korean temples provide the backdrop for the film: the Sunamsa Temple, located in the stately Taebaek Mountains, and the Bongjeongsa Temple, near Andong.

Due to budgeting problems, writer-director Kyung-jung Joo was forced to shoot A Little Monk in 27 days spread out over seven years ? despite these handicaps, she succeeded in making a film that is gorgeous and honest at the same time. A Little Monk won the 2002 award for Best Screenplay at the Shanghai Film Festival. 

Mr. Sookil Lee will give a brief talk at the screening. Mr. Lee is a staff member of the New York Korean Film Forum and a PhD candidate in Cinema Studies at SUNY Stony Brook. A brief reception with refreshments will follow.

Miro Yoon