[Closed] Special Exhibition Field Trip Program:

Commemoration of the 100th Anniversary of the March 1st Movement and the Establishment of the Korean Provisional Government

Every Friday, March 8, 2019 – April 26, 2019
(School trips will be scheduled between 9:30 am – 1:00 pm.)

*A class can have between 10 to 20 students (we recommend around 15 students per group)

Korean Cultural Center New York
460 Park Avenue, 6th Floor, New York, NY 10022

Korean Cultural Center New York is proud to announce a special exhibition field trip program commemorating the 100th anniversary of the March 1st Movement and the Establishment of the Korean Provisional Government!

A Korean history professional leads every interactive 90-minute experience.

The first part (50 – 60 mins) is an interactive tour at the gallery at the Korean Cultural Center New York, which will be spent learning about the background of the independence movement in by exploring historical records and artwork from the era.

In the second part (30 – 40 mins), students will be actively engaged a variety of historical document activities and artifacts.

         *Activities may change upon students’ age group


Students will learn about the history of Korea’s independence in chronological order:

*All information from the Independence Hall of Korea

1) Suffering under Japanese Occupation(August 29, 1910)

On August 29, 1910, Korean became a colony of Japan as a result of Japan-Korea Annexation Treaty. Japan divested Korea of all sovereign power and established the Japanese Government-General of Korea.

2) The March 1st Movement (March 1, 1919)

After Korea lost its sovereignty in 1910, the Korean people experienced racial discrimination and were deprived of human rights under the Japanese colonial rule. Consequently, they dreamt of regaining their independence and rose up in the March 1st Movement by shouting “Long Live Korean Independence!” on March 1, 1991.

3) The Rise of Independence Movements Abroad (March-April, 1919)

After hearing the news of the March First Movement, the Korean National Association held a meeting of representatives from America, Mexico, and Hawaii to support the Declaration of Independence and the March First Movement. Koreans living in America held the Korean Liberty Conference for three days in April in Philadelphia and marched down the street raising a Korean flag and the American flag to announce to the world the Korean people’s determination to gain independence.

4) The Provisional Government of the Republic of Korea (April 11, 1919)

After the March First Movement, in order to build a new nation where citizens were the true owners, the Korean Provisional Government was established in 1919. The Provisional Government of the Republic of Korea led the independence movement until Korea regained its sovereignty in 1945.

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Miro Yoon