Application Guide for New King Sejong Institute Designation in 2019

In order to promote Korean language and culture to enhance the national brand overseas, to improve mutual cooperation between countries, and to realize diversity in languages and cultures, we plan to designate King Sejong Institutes in 2019, and would like to request the participation of all interested organizations.

November 16, 2018
Director of King Sejong Institute Foundation

I. Goal of Designation

  • The purpose of designation is to teach Korean language to those who want to learn Korean as a second or foreign language overseas, promoting Korean culture.

II. Direction for Designation in 2019

  1. Relevant expertise as a representative organization that disseminates Korean language and culture is considered foremost in order to improve the quality and image of Korean language and culture.

  2. Strategic designation is considered in terms of cultural and industrial demand through cooperation with top universities and between public institutions.

  3. Regional demand for Korean language and culture and the balanced expansion of King Sejong Institutions are considered comprehensively.

III. Procedure of Designation

*Schedule details are subject to change.

IV. King Sejong Institute Operational Types

  1. .Independent Type

    -The overseas local operating institutewhich intendsto operate a King Sejong Institute will directly receive the grants from the Foundation,directly operatingthe institute and settling accounts.

  2. .Connected-Type

    -The domestic institute or diplomatic establishments (embassy, cultural institute) which intends to operate King Sejong Institute in cooperation with an overseas local operating institute should make a request to the Foundation after concluding the business agreement

    -Overseas local operating institutes and domestic operating institutes will cooperate to operate King Sejong Institutes, but the domestic institutes receive the grants from the foundation for management and account settlement.

V. Requirements for Applicants


VI. Designation

1. Items for Screening

2. New King Sejong Institutes will be selected through screening by a screening committee for designation of Institutes.

3. Screening Procedure:

 1) Document → 2) On-site inspection → 3) Final screening


VII. Application Submission

1. Period:From 15:00 November 26 (Mon.), 2018 to 17:00 January 25 (Fri), 2019

(Korea Standard Time (KST); submission deadline to be strictly observed)

2. How to submit

- Enter the relevant information on the Online Application System for submission

Online Application System :

* An online application guide for a new Sejong Institute will be posted on our website after a business information session.

3. Required Documents (Please attach the documents in your online application.)

A. Common requirements

- A pledge to fulfill the business consignment agreement on the operation of a King Sejong


  (such as registration for performance guarantee insurance and independent management of

   business expenses)

* A connected-type organization should submit the pledge to both the Korean operating organization (or diplomatic offices) and the local organization.

  • A business license or organization registration

           (i.e., documents for qualification of the applicant, such as a corporate license)

* A foreign agency should translate and notarize the document before submission. A connected-type organization should submit the document to both organizations.

B.A business agreement between organizations for application and operation of the Institute(connected-type organization only).

* Documents written in a foreign language should be translated into Korean language for submission.

     C. Articles of Association of the applicant (nonprofit corporation or group only)

* The Articles of Association should include the year and purpose of establishment of the     

              applicant. Documents written in a foreign language should be translated into Korean language

              for submission.

D. All teaching staff: Korean language teaching certificate, certification of completion for Korean language teacher education, work history certificate, and diploma

* Evidentiary documents must be submitted to prove the teaching staff’s qualification; Documents written in a foreign language should be submitted after translation into Korean language.

   4. Notes on Online Application

  - You cannot modify your application after final submission.

* All contents of the application can be temporarily saved; you can revise them at any time before the final submission.

      - You cannot submit your application via postal mail (including e-mail) or by visit.

        * It is recommended that you submit the application well in advance, as application submission may not be processed normally on the final deadline date due to increased users.

VIII. Description of Support

    1. Support of operations of the King Sejong Institute

    2. Support for improvement of the educational environment of the Institute

3. Provision of the Institute’s standard curriculum, textbooks, guidelines, and questions for testing achievement by grade (Textbooks for students to be purchased separately.)

4. Dispatch of professionals of Korean language education (Agencies to which they are to be dispatched are determined later.)

5. Provision of Korean culture training programs (Sejong Culture Academy, etc.) and dispatch of culture experts

6. Support for establishment of international networking through hosting of the World Korean Educators Conference

7. Invitation of outstanding students to Korea for Korean culture training programs and awarding of scholarships

8. Reeducation of Korean language teachers and provision of teacher education programs for competence improvement

9. Provision of task management systems, online lectures, and the educational materials of Nuri-Sejong Hakdang

IX. Notice

1. We will not return any documents submitted. Any false entry in the documents will lead to cancellation of the designation.

2. Please be fully aware of the operating regulations of the King Sejong Institutes and the contents of the business consignment agreement.

3. Any disadvantages that may be raised by errors or omissions and incorrect contact number in the application and other submitted documents are the responsibility of the applicant agency.

   4. Designation may not be granted if no agencies are determined to qualify.

5. When submitting the application online, please be sure to click the ‘Submit’ button to complete your submission.

6. Whether the designated Institute can be operated henceforth will be evaluated through pilot operation following the designation. Failure to meet the standards may lead to cancellation of the designation.

7. Progression of the screening will be announced on the Foundations’ website and through the online application system.

8. Details of the screening results in each stage will not be disclosed (including reasons for exclusion).

    9. The above notice items can be changed depending on circumstances of the Foundation.

    10. If an on-site inspection is unavailable due to an applicant’s circumstances or if an applicant

          withdraws the application during the screening period, the Foundation can restrict application by

          the applicant for the following year.

    11. Contact: King Sejong Institute Foundation designation screening representative

* Email: / Phone: 02-3276-0743

Miro Yoon