Fly in Water: A Multimedia Concert

presented by Center for Remembering and Sharing

Friday, August 9, 2019, 8 pm

Center for Remembering & Sharing
123 4th Ave., #2, NYC

Ticket: $25 in advance, $30 at the door, $20 for students/seniors at the door


curator: gamin
concept: Bo Choi and Hyo Jee Kang
composition and performance: Hyo Jee Kang (piano)
wearable art: Bo Choi
media art: Damian Mahurlets


Description of Program

People think nature never disappears itself.
We are stuck on historical problems, economic issues, and a political situation.
Everything that happened on earth has reasons.
We are just a part of it.
I think the “butterfly” that I made is a transformation of what they, I mean, the creatures of nature, have been experiencing. It resembles the weak that are hurt, forgotten and in anger.
This work is about Art and lives that are connected to each other to become a future, which is a result of our beings.


CROSSING BOUNDARIES, curated by gamin (multiple instrumentalist on Korean winds, piri, taepyeongso, saenghwang), provides artists with space to experiment with the new, to collaborate across genres, cultures and disciplines, and to explore new ways of using creative communication to facilitate a shared practice of presence. The goal is to dissolve boundaries between performers and audiences, the traditional and contemporary, classical and experimental, Korea and the world. Participants in the series are encouraged to incorporate meditation, improvisation, and collaborations with visual and movement-based artists as well as musical artists from different traditions.

“Fly in Water” is a structured improvisation and meditation on the inter-relationships between humanity, the environment, and the other life forms.

For more information, please visit or call CRS at 212-677-8621.





Bo Choi is a fashion designer and artist. With a primary focus in fiber art and fashion design, she envisions clothes as both rendering explicit their capacity to represent the self, as well as building upon, and breaking with, past conventions in order to allow an endless refashioning of the self-disallowed by the limited vocabulary of much art and fashion today. She completed her MFA 2009 in Fiber at School of art in University of Washington, Seattle, WA. Her undergraduate studies were at University of California, Davis, in Fashion Design and Studio Art. Previously, as a fashion designer, she created a fashion line that explores and transgresses the typical ways the body contour interacts with clothing. Choi’s solo fashion show “Second Skin” was presented at Jacob Lawrence Gallery in University of Washington, Seattle. In 2009, she was a finalist at the InspirAsain Fashion Competition, hosted by International Examiner where her wearable art line was presented at the Bell Harbor Conference Center. Internationally she has presented her designs at the Wearable Art Awards in Port Moody, BC, Canada, 2009 and 2010 and had a residency at Kulturprojekte, Berlin Germany in 2008 and Seoul, South Korea in 2012. Currently, she teaches fashion design at Indiana University.


Hyo Jee Kang has been focusing on transformation between media and objects to create a new art form. She works with media artists and live electronic performers presenting improvisation and recomposed composition as well as her originals. Her activity as a composer, performer, creator and improviser has been featured throughout the world in Germany, Spain, Italy, Korea, Japan, USA, Israel, and so on. Hyo Jee currently resides in New York City and serves as a faculty at Seoul National University. In May 2018, she gave her solo performance with great success at Lincoln Center, including the Conceptual Transformation Performance “Pyung Yang.” This August she was one of 12 artists from around the world selected to particpate in Seminar in Taipei, a platform for in-depth exchange in both theoretical and practical fields, at the 2018 Taipei Arts Festival X in Taiwan. Seminar in Taipei is an initiative of Pro Helvetia, the Swiss Arts Council, in partnership with the National Culture and Arts Foundation of Taiwan, Korea Arts Management Service, the National Arts Council of Singapore, and the Arts and Theatre Institute of the Czech Republic, realised in collaboration with the Taipei Arts Festival. Hyo Jee’s YouTube channel is .


Damian Marhulets is a Germany based composer, visual artist and producer. His musical education began at the age of 6, when he was accepted to prestigious Minsk College of Music. It was not long until Damian began performing as an oboe soloist with some of the most renowned orchestras in the country and abroad. Still in his early childhood, Damian became a prizewinner of major international music competitions. His music career took a new turn in 2000 when he relocated to Germany. Following his artistic inquisitiveness he soon immersed himself in underground experimental music scene. His musical education shifted from oboe performance to modern composition and electronic music, that he studied first at the Music Academy Hannover and later in Cologne.


As an artist-in-residence worked Damian at such renowned venues as Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe, ACROE Institute Grenoble, IONIAN University Corfu and STEIM Amsterdam. He also has won a multitude of grants and stipends such as the composition-stipends by the cultural affairs department of the Lower Saxony and the European Culture Program.


Recent projects of Damian include large-scale stage performances, in which he combines acoustic instruments with electronics and visuals. Recently he collaborated with such renowned musicians as David Krakauer, Frank Bungarten, Szymanowski String Quartet, Marina Baranova and many others. Besides from writing concert music as well as music for theatre, film and dance he toured all over Europe and USA, having played his own music at many different music festivals and alternative DJ clubs. He has performed worldwide including Berliner Philharmonie • Beethovenfest Bonn • Music Triennial Cologne • BOZAR – Palais des Beaux-Arts Brussels • “Re:New” Digital Art Festival Copenhagen • Philharmonic Hall Essen • Berghain Club in Berlin • die Glocke – Bremen • KunstFestSpiele Hannover as well as many others. His multimedia works were presented at many different galleries and museums of modern art including Kestnergesellschaft • Sprengel Museum Hanover • ArtCenter Berlin • Diapason Sound Art Gallery in NYC • DAVID vzw Gallery in Ghent • Lortzing ART Gallery in Hanover and others.


Drawn upon his long term fascination for radical fringes of music making, Damian feels most comfortable when blurring lines between musical genres. Combining his concert music roots with sound-design skills and years-long experience as an electronic music producer, he throws away conventional music clichés in order to develop original music language and explore new sonic landscapes.



Now in its second year, CROSSING BOUNDARIES is a performance series devoted to creating unforgettable live art experiences that dissolve boundaries between performers and audiences, traditional and new music, and the local and the global, bringing people together and promoting the awareness that we each possess a limitless creativity inside us.


CRS has from its inception in 2004 become known for presenting healing, arts, and cultural programs from around the world and from Asia in particular. There is a long tradition of interdisciplinarity in Asian arts, where ritual practices have always involved elements of dance, theatre, improvised music, and storytelling, and this season will build on that tradition.

Miro Yoon