Chicago Korean Dance Company presents: Collage of Korean Dance in New York

Saturday, August 4th, 2018, 7:30 PM

Queens Theatre
14 United Nations Avenue South, Corona, NY 11368

Tickets: $50, $30, $20(Student & Senior)


  1. Tae-Pyeong-Sung-Dae (Reign of Peace)

  2. Sanjo Dance

  3. Hwa-rang

  4. Collaboration of Salpuri & Nocturne

  5. Moon Light

  6. The first way

  7. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

  8. Farewell

  9. Drums Ensemble



Aedeok Lee, Geesook Baik, Juyeun Chae, Nancy Cho

Kyonghui Kim, Jungyoun Kim, Injoo Park

Youth Members
Jennifer Song, Nicole haeun Lee, Sharon haeun Lee, Joyce Lee, Erica Hur, Suanna Cho, Emily Kim, Theresa Lee, Erica Hur, Ellen Kim, Erica Yoo, Iris Lee, Claire Oh, Crystal Park, Maribelle Lee, Catherine Kim, Irene Lee


Chicago Korean Dance Company (CKDC) was established on April 1st, 2009 in order to present the excellence in Korean culture by Dr. Ae-Deok Lee who has been serving as the art director of CKDC. Starting with the first performance, “Exploring the Pulse of Korean Dance”, which showed the Korean Cultural Heritage dances in 2009, CKDC has been presenting both traditional and modern part of Korean dance every two years. Through last 4 performances, “Breath of Korean Dance” (2011), “Storytelling through the beauty of Korean Dance” (2013), and "Collage of Korean Dance” (2015), CKDC received phenomenal reviews. CKDC Youth group, established in 2010, CKDC has contributed in educating second generation Koreans and giving performances at public schools, libraries, and museums in Chicago metropolitan area and the Midwest. Furthermore, CKDC established Korean Dance Institute which is open to everyone who wishes to learn Korean dance. CKDC also contributed to the development of traditional culture through participating in the Korean Traditional Performing Art Competition. CKDC was invited to perform by Embassy of Republic of Korea in Nicaragua in 2016, and also by Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Brazil in 2017. The 5th biennial performance of CKDC, “Collage of Korean Dance” will provide the audience in New York an opportunity to learn and enjoy Korean traditional culture.

For more information, please visit the website at, or call at 224-260-1021, 718-791-1614.

Miro Yoon