2018 OPEN STAGE: Korean Traditional Music Festival 2018 in New York

Saturday, May 19, 2018 at 8:00PM
Sunday, May 20, 2018 at 6:00PM

Promise Church Theater
130-30 31st Ave., Flushing, NY 11354

Tickets: $60, $80, $100

New York Korean Traditional Music Festival 2018 is co-presented by the NY Korean Traditional Marching Band and the Korean Cultural Center New York as part of KCCNY's Open Stage: Samulnori.



Modeum-Buk Ensemble
The Spirit of Goguryeo
The Ruined Hair
Set the Boat Afloat
A Concerto for Samulnori Shin-modeum, 1st & 3rd Movement
New Heaven New Earth


Duk Soo Kim, Samulnori Master
Chunseung Lee, Conductor
Kim Duk Soo Samulnori (Kkwaenggwari Sang-jun Moon, Jing Dong-woon Song, Buk Seoung-hyuk Bang)
World Traditional Orchestra ‘Peace’
New York Korean Traditional Marching Band Youth Team
New York Promise Church Choir
Kerygma Men’s Ensemble
Korean School of Southern New Jersey Children’s Choir
New York Christian Children’s Choir


In celebration of the 40th anniversary of samulnori, the Korean Traditional Music Festival 2018 will feature New York Samulnori as well as Muakpoongryu from Korea, and the Samulnori Master himself, Kim Duk Soo and his team.

As a main attraction, Kim Duk Soo and his team, a quartet of percussive instruments will be performing. The performance will conclude with a chorus stylized with Korean rhythms called “New Heaven and New Earth,” performed by a 200-member choir with the Peace Orchestra which features traditional instruments from several cultures.


For more information and to purchase tickets, please visit www.nyktmb.org or call 718-321-2030.



The Korean words ‘samul’ means ‘four things’ and ‘nori’ means ‘to play.’

In the case of samulnori, it refers to the four musicians playing and dancing with four percussion instruments. It can refer both to style of Korean traditional music and dance performed, but can also refer to the actual name of the group of four musicians dedicated to performing and preserving the art (stylized as “SamulNori” in such cases).

Since samulnori as a genre and performing group was established in 1978, it has sparked a renaissance in Korea’s music scene and gained worldwide acclaim.

2018 marks samulnori’s 40th anniversary as a new genre of performance art.


Duk Soo Kim, Samulnori Master

Considered the founder of the samulnori artform, he developed the genre in the 1978, and has been recognized as one of the fifty most influential figures in Korea over the last five decades. In addition to a busy touring schedule, Kim teaches at the Korean National University of Arts and serves as Artistic Director of SamulNori Hanullim.

Miro Yoon