Friday, December 7, 2018, 8:00 pm (Doors open 7 pm)

Emerson Dorsch Gallery
5900 NW 2nd Avenue, Miami, FL, 33127

Tickets: Free with RSVP

Presented by the Korean Cultural Center New York, The Rhythm Foundation, and the Emerson Dorsch Gallery during Art Basel Miami 2018 as part of KCCNY's Korean Culture Day 2018 Program

This performance is supported by the Korean Foundation for International Cultural Exchange as part of Traveling Korean Arts Program

“...SsingSsing isn’t like any other band I’ve ever seen or heard.” - NPR

“Very glam, very rock and roll and very ready to play with the concept of gender” - NPR

“[SsingSsing] harmonized like a young Madonna on steroids. Dressed respectively as femme fatale, ingenue and badass, they kept a multicultural crowd on their feet” - New York Music Daily



Heemoon Lee (vocal)
Dahye Chu (vocal)
Seungtae Shin (vocal)
Younggyu Jang (bass guitar)
Chulhee Lee (drum)
Taewon Lee (electric guitar/keyboard)

Authentic Korean traditional vocals with rock music, combined with an extravagant visual style and stage manners, SsingSsing is what happens when you cross 1970’s era David Bowie or B-52s with Korean shamanic rock.

SsingSsing have been making waves around the world, bringing glam rock and funk elements together with a wildly charismatic theatrical twist that takes inspiration from Korean shamanic tradition. And as ancient Korean tradition calls for the shaman, as spirit mediums, to channel the spirits of more than a single sexual identity, the band’s manner of costume is not only based in ritual, but also expresses more modern concepts of “genderqueer.

SsingSsing creates something wholly unique by welding entirely disparate elements of rock and Korean folk music, introducing elements of Korean traditional sounds, such as Gyeonggi Sori (folk songs from central province around Seoul), Seodo Sori (folk songs from northwestern provinces of North Korea), and Seoul Gut (shamanic rituals from Seoul) in their works.

To reserve your seats, please visit The Rhythm Foundation website at or call at (305) 672-5202.

To learn more about SsingSsing, please visit

“a theatrical and highly entertaining brand of glam rock, with echoes of anyone from the New York Dolls to Scissor Sisters” - Robin Denselow, the Guardian

“One look at (and listen to) the cross-dressing, Asian rock band SsingSsing and you would hardly think they’re singing music inspired by traditional Korean folk. But SsingSsing isn’t like any other band I’ve ever seen or heard. The understated music, the small dramatic gestures and the costumes all combine for one of my most memorable Tiny Desk Concerts of all time” - Bob Boilen, NPR Tiny Desk producer

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