Musical "Golden Chaos Club"

December 18, 2018 ~ December 30, 2018

Seoul Arts Center, Jayu Theater, Seoul

The Seoul Performing Arts Company presents an original musical “Golden Chaos Club,” set in 18th century Joseon speakeasy under the same title. 

At the time, many people were illiterate and books were a luxury, so there was a job called jeongisu which was a reader who narrated novels with acting. Readers were celebrities of the time because reading novels was very popular. 

The show presents cheerful episodes that revolve around the “Golden Chaos Club,” an imaginary speakeasy and theater which might have existed under King Yeongjo’s reign (1724-1776) when drinking liquor was strictly prohibited. 

During the 110-minute show, the audience becomes the customers at the club and enjoys the story narrated by Lee Ja-Sang, a charming and attractive reader. 

English subtitles are available for seats behind the fourth row. Foreigners can get a 30 percent discount by presenting a passport at the ticket counter. 

For more information, please visit (Korean, English)

Miro Yoon