SORI 2018 APAP Showcase: The Global Sounds of Korea

Saturday, January 13, 208 at 7:00 pm

Rockwood Music Hall, Stage 2
(196 Allen St., NYC)

Tickets: $20

Three shows on one stage on one night. Unbound by genre, NYC-based Korean music agency SORI presents a dynamic showcase featuring three Korean artists who bridge musical categories of traditional, jazz, pop, and world music. This year, the SORI showcase features 3 groups: the Korean folklore music group Coreyah, violinist-looper and vocalist Joe Kye, and gayageum and jazz drum duo Park Kyungso X Kim Chaek.



Coreyah blends traditional instruments and vocalizations with contemporary sounds, and strives to create “living Korean music” by assimilating various world music heritages. They aim to create a new breed of music that breaks the barrier between traditional and contemporary popular Korean music.


Joe Kye

Violinist-looper and composer Joe Kye draws on his migrant upbringing as he uses lush string loops and eclectic style to create “one mesmerizing symphony.” His work has drawn rave reviews, as he blends indie-rock, jazz, classical, pop, and world folk music that “leaves everyone in awe.”


Park Kyungso X Kim Chaek

The gayageum and percussion duo Park Kyungso X Kim Chaek presents music with the common denominator of Korean music, improvisation, and the avant-garde. Park Kyungso sways between the traditional and contemporary as Kim Chaek draws inspiration from percussion works from all continents. 


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