GRACEMOON S/S 2018 Runway Show

Presented by Style Fashion Week

Saturday, September 8,
5:30P Cocktail Reception
7:00P Runway Show


Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum
PIER 86, W 46th st. & 12th avenue, New York, NY 10036


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Different but Same

Grace left for London from South Korea at the age of 19 to study textile design and manufacturing. Following that she came to America and for the next 30 years studied and worked as a fashion designer. Her identity is innately Korean and American. She retains her Korean heritage, just as the young girl of 19, but she has matured and changed so much from that 19 year old which manifests in her Korean-Americanness.

This heritage and change is reflected in her designs. The first designs reflect her heritage, that of the 19 year old girl. The designs are based off of Korean traditional clothing, Hanbok. Korean culture is based largely on relationships and the ties that bind those relationships. Bond, feelings, actions, and trust is transferred through those relationships and ties. Meeting someone through a liked, trustworthy acquaintance or friend will make that new someone just as likeable and trustworthy and vice versa. Kkeun is the Korean word for tie, both that with which anything is tied and a bond or connection (affection) between people. Korean traditional attire has lots of ties and Grace incorporated the three main ties (Dong-jung, Go-reum, and De-nim) into the designs to represent not only Korean attire, but also the relationships, bond, and affection that is so important and integral in Korean culture. To showcase Korean talent, 2016/2017 Miss Korea will be walking as models and Korean Jazz singer, Yoon Hee Jung, and her daughter, Kim Soo Yeon, will be singing live.

The next designs reflect the change and maturity, and assimilation of cultures Grace went through. It also embodies the hope and aspirations of the future as well as the oneness of her different cultures. Although Korean, and American culture might seem vastly different, it comes together in harmony in an individual like her. As such, although we may all seem different, with different looks, cultures, and beliefs, we are all one and the same human beings. As such the designs are made by pleating. The design is made to seem like continuous pleated fabric and is made with little to no cuts in the fabric. The continuity and connectedness reflect Grace's view and hopes that just as the fabric connects to make a complete piece, we too, through and despite our differences come together to make a better more unified, loving world.

We are different, but same.

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