Monday, April 18, 2016 at 7:30PM

The Italian Academy, Columbia University
(1161 Amsterdam Ave, New York, NY 10027)

Preview Concerts of the PACIFIC RIM MUSIC FESTIVAL
presented by the Department of Music at the University of California, Santa Cruz

Tickets : Free

Hyeon Ak Yeong San Hoe Sang - Traditional Court Music
…becoming… (2016)* - Shih Hui Chen
Seoul Morning, Kigali Morning (2016)* - Richard Carrick
Yeo Baek (2016)* - David Evan Jones
When He Was 600 Years Old (2010/2016)** - Hi Kyung Kim
Sinawi - Traditional Folk Music

* Preview performance
** Premiere performance

Pacific Rim Music Festival Ensemble Korea

  • Daegeum: Jeong-seung KIM
  • Piri: Chi-wan PARK
  • Gayageum: Jung-min SONG
  • Geomungo: Young-ju YOU
  • Haegeum: Soo-neon CHUNG
  • Ajaeng: Sang-hun KIM
  • Janggo: Min-hyung LEE

Pacific Rim Music Festival Ensemble Korea is formed for the Pacific Rim Music Festival 2017. The Ensemble consists of Piri, Daegeum, Gayageum, Geomungo, Haegeum, Ajaeng, Sanghwang, and percussion. All the members are the master performers in the field. The performers are trained in the traditional music and contemporary music. Their natural ability to move freely from one genre to the other shows the two are not as unrelated as they seem. The Festival events will showcase the flowering of the new genre arising out of the two. 

Affiliated Events at Columbia University

  • April 19, 2016, Tuesday, 6 PM : Korean Music Workshop (Gayageum)
  • April 19, 2016, Tuesday, 8 PM : Korean Music Workshop (Daegeum)

For more information, please contact Artistic Director, Professor Hi Kyung Kim, at 831-459-2292 or write to or


Miro Yoon