Mother presented by Theater for the New City in collaboration with Sudden Enlightenment Theatre & Group Kungomjari

World Premiere

November 30 – December 3, 2017│Thursday ~ Saturday 8PM, Sunday 5PM

Theater for the New City/Johnson Theater
(155 First Avenue, New York, NY 10003)

Tickets: $20 General, $15 Seniors & Students

Production Team & Artists

Composed and directed by Eun Hee Kim
Choreographed by Hey Jeong Yoon
Performed by Jina Song, Jaekwon Kim
Lighting Design: Susan Hamburger
Set Design: Jung Hee Kim
Sound Design: Bumsoo Noh & Sukhoon Kang
Costume Design: Tae Soon Kim
Multimedia: Changjong Kim
Stage Manager: Byung Ae Kim
Project Administrator: Hye Jee Shin



After three years of a bloody war, Korea was permanently divided into two regions with separate governments whereby families living in the South and North were torn apart. Since the war ended in an armistice with little resolution, families torn apart by the Korean War were barely given the opportunity to either communicate or reunite with their loved ones.

Indeed, the survivors of the war have died and aged as time passed by. After a decade no one alive will remember deep scars that the Korean War has left on individuals as they used to be, which ironically fade away the endless pain of dispersed families. Thus, this issue desperately needs to be settled without further ado in order to fundamentally assuage their deep sorrows of decades-long separation through conducting a reunion on a regular basis, not just a spurious one-time event.



[Mother] Waiting for her son to come back home that she lost in the midst of the Korean War, a mother keeps the search going in looking for her son. A mother could not figure out whether he was alive or not, even after she attended the family reunion project. Nonetheless a mother has never moved from the only home her missing child ever lived in with her as she holds on to hope and wonders if her son is out there somewhere in need.  

As a mother went through numerous national crises including Japanese Colonial Rule of Korea, the Conscription of Korean Males into the Armed Force of Japan, “Comfort Women”, the Independence Movement, Liberation, the Korean War, the April Revolution, the Military Junta, and the Gwangju Uprising, she has lived through a traumatic experience.

[Son] A son coming back home on the stage only stays in memories of a mother


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Miro Yoon