Korea Contemporary Dance Waves in NY 2013

Saturday, July 20, 2013 at 7PM
Sunday, July 21, 2013 at 6PM

Manhattan Movement Arts Center
(248 W 60th Street, NYC)

Presented by SINAE Arts Management

SINAE Arts Management which is an artist tour management company in Seoul presents "Korea Contemporary Dance Waves in New York 2013". KCDW has purpose to represent and promote great works of Korea dance companies in New York every year with specific theme. 

This year SINAE Arts Management will present two special performances which collaborating with live music; Won Kim Group Collaboration OR - Being Involved 2013 & Heung Nam Kim Dance Project - The empty Shell. 

* WonKim/Group Collaboration OR

Won Kim Dance Company founded in 1986 by artistic director Won Kim, renamed WonKim/Group Collaboration OR in 1992. Basically they have freedom to implement full abilities and ideas influenced with the pursuit of liberal creations focused on the relationships of human being. Their goal is to find movements beyond formalized and predetermined choreography searching for the essence of °∞free and pure°± movements of human body: Especially emphasizing the harmony the traditional methods of movement and movements through imagination. 


They try to present a new phase of art-performance as the complex-media mixing with dance, music, and computer-technology and so on. They have developed this kind of ideas and worked the experimental performances with a deeper understanding of dance, realizing the area as what is needed to strengthen. They keep on searching the cooperation of various part of the art and they like to share the ideas to abroad. Communicating with Artists from all over the world, they fuse their culture with the others in a more developed of art. 


The company has been working with the artists from France, Mexico, America, Tiwan, Japan, China and performing throughout the world including New York, Main, Brooklyn (USA), Paris, Noisy-le-Grand, Montreuil (France), Guangzhou, Shanghai (China), Karlsruhe, Ettlingen, Dusseldorf. Frankfurt, Munster, Aachen (Germany), and Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto (Japan).

Won Kim, artistic director of the company, was born in Jeonju, Korea. She got her B.A. & M.A. from Ewha Womans University and she is a professor at Chonbuk National University since 1991. She received Diplome d'Etat de Danse from Ministere de la Culture et de la Communication in 1999 and teach dance technique at the Studio Harmonic in Paris. She was invited to teach at Kinki University in Osaka, Japan in 2008; was a visiting professor at Paris 8 University in 1999 and New York University, Tisch School of the Arts in 1995; received the scholarship from Bates Dance Festival in 1997; and also nominated for the final selection of the Rencontre Choreographiqures Internationales de Seine Saint-Denis in 1994. She has received the President Award in 1984; New Dance Award in1985; Best Choreographer's Award in 1993; Best Artist of the year in 2003 and 2007; and Isadora Award in 2005. 

Description of the work Being Involved 2013


Dance as a composite art has become realistically cooperative work with other art genre. This piece [Being Involved 2013] is a work which tries to cooperate with music to show how it works and communicate in a space. Every performer can extend their flexibility of creation and learn new style through working the piece. And audience also can gain the sympathy and self-imagination whiles the performance going on the stage. 

The main theme of the piece is existence recognition of space, and it is about the image expression in the process of genre exchange. Improvisation is basically starting with flowing questions in order steps such as when, who, how etc. even though it is planned or not, it still has order steps to input. 

What can make the desire to being excited? I think it can be what they saw, what they thought, what they felt. It means if they want to express something that they felt, thought, saw from specific object, it cause the desire. This order steps can make creative and diverse image. And it can add variation from reaction of environmental elements which contains inner imagination from personal experience. 

Also it is necessary to have coincidence and spontaneity to understanding existence in the space because it is kind of phenomenology. This work looks into building up the image from the specific space and finding energy changes. So in the piece, I want to avoid displaying story lines but show the way of expression which take a physical beauty from freedom and creativity beside situation.


Heung Nam Kim is native of South Korea. He is a Professor of SE-JONG UNIVERSITY where he received his Ph.D, M.A, B.A in Dance. He is also an Executive Director of the KOREAN MODERN DANCE ASSOCIATION.

He has performed , choreographed, and receive critical acclaim for lots of works in Korea and abroad including Inviting performance for the 10th anniversary of Singapore Odyssey Dance company, International Modern Dance Festival(MODAFE), Opening performance for Seoul Performing Art Festival(SPAF), inviting performance for The Dong-A journal Dance Festival. Kim also lead and performed with TATMAROO Dance Company and his own Dance company HEUNG NAM KIM DANCE PROJECT. 

He has received the best Award of Busan International Choreography Festival 2009, Prize Isadora of Korean Modern Dance Museum 2005, Grand prize of Dong-A journal dance competition 1995 which is biggest arts competition in Korea. 

Description of the work The empty Shell

Empty Shell is about People's anguish in their routine life. It contains common sense of what contemporary people easily think and feel from their busy and repetitive life. 

Living in the modern times life.
People are drinking coffee to wake them self-up in day time, get drunk to make less of their stress and loneliness in night time. 
Everyday people manage their life like they lives on two different days in a day like somebody out for them. 
Although everything we do on our life is because of me, for me, for myself, 
Suddenly I realized there is no more 'I' exist.
We are losing our self in routine life day by day.

Miro Yoon