Korean Cultural Center New York <2017 Open Stage: KOREAN MUSIC> Guidelines

Deadline for submission: Sunday, October 9, 2016 

The Korean Cultural Center New York presents <2017 Open Stage: Korean Music> public contest to provide a platform for artists seeking to reinterpret, localize, and globalize Korean traditional music-inspired performances that exemplify the highest tier of both traditional and contemporary/fusion works.

Selected performers/performing arts organizations will have the chance to co-host the event and to be featured in one performing arts series at one of the performing arts venues in New York City in 2017. In addition, one of the selected performers/performing arts organizations will have the opportunity to present their works through one of the performing arts series associated with World Music Institute (WMI), the leading presenter of world music and dance within the United States.


Deadline for submission is October 9 (Sunday), 2016.

Please review the guidelines carefully before completing the application form.


I. Overview

  1. Title : 2017 Open Stage: Korean Music
  2. Purpose : To provide a platform for top performers and artists to reinvigorate Korean music by reinterpreting, localizing, and globalizing Korean traditional sounds and in turn, to take part in the New York performing arts and world music scene
  3. Performance Venues : TBD / One of the performing arts venues in NYC
  4. Performance Schedule : Exact performance dates (between March – December 2017) will be decided after discussion with selected performers/performing arts organizations
  5. Application Genre : KOREAN MUSIC (Music with its roots in, or inspired by Korean traditional music)

II. Application Requirements & Regulations

  1. All performances are FREE and open to the general public
  2. One performance per performer/performing arts organization
  3. The length of the entire performance must not exceed two hours (including intermission)
  4.  If applicable, applicants must acquire the legal rights to perform the script/musical piece or receive any necessary permission for the performance
  5. For continued support in providing performance opportunities to performers/performing arts organizations through the Open Stage program, Korean Cultural Center New York has the following eligibility regulations:
    • Applicants who intend to fundraise through a benefit event supported by <2017 Open Stage> are NOT eligible
    • Applicants who were selected as a recipient in the 2014-2015 and 2015-2016 seasons are NOT eligible to re-apply for <2017 Open Stage>

III. Selection Process and Methods

  1. A judge panel formed of specialists in the performing arts/music industries will review all application materials and evaluate applicants based on a selection criteria
  2. The panel holds the right to make the final decision of the one selected performers/performing arts organization that will present their work with the Korean Cultural Center New York and World Music Institute
  3. Selection Criteria
    • Artistry (Artistic Completeness, Quality Level, and Creativity)
    • Competitiveness in the Market (Audience Interests, Marketability, and Possibility of Future Development)
    • Applicant's Competence (Performance History, Capability/Skill for International Exchange, and Reliability to carry out the Performance Plan)


IV. Benefits for Selected Recipients

  1. A stage will be provided for the performance at one of the performing arts venues in New York City
  2. Technical support
  3. Support for advertising and PR for the performance including multiple PR components
  4. The Korean Cultural Center New York will provide the artist fee (min. $1,000 to max. $10,000) to the selected performers/performing arts organizations after completion of the performance. The artist fee amount will be decided upon the panel screening results as well as the size of tour group.
  5. On the performance day, rehearsal space will be available from 12pm until 30 minutes prior to the start of the performance.

* Korean Cultural Center New York and World Music Institute will not sponsor U.S. Visas for the performers or provide funds for the expenses for production, general administrative and operation expenses, labor costs, flights, hotels, meals, transportations, and studio rentals for extra rehearsals.


V. Application Schedule and Required Documents

  1. Application Deadline: October 9 (Sunday), 2016 (EDT)
  2. Announcement of Results : By the end of October 2016, the Korean Cultural Center New York will notify recipients individually via telephone and/or email
  3. Documents and Materials for Submission: The application must be filled out in the prescribed format. Please download the form from the Korean Cultural Center New York’s website
    • Required: completed application form
    • Required: photos of the performers/performing arts organization and/or photos of performances
    • Required: work sample links (video, audio, etc)
    • Optional : Other materials if applicable
  4. Please submit your application ONLY via EMAIL : 2017openstageNYC@gmail.com
    * Korean Cultural Center New York does not accept any post mail and in-person submission.


VI. Additional Information

  1. Performance space and dates are subject to change depending on the final results of the public contest
  2. The Korean Cultural Center New York will retain all submitted documents and materials that are received. KCCNY is unable to return submitted work samples
  3. Contact : Korean Cultural Center New York, Performing Arts Manager, Hyo Han (2017openstageNYC@gmail.com, (+1) 212-759-9550 ext.210)
Miro Yoon