Artistic Asian Runs On Shorts

Saturday, May 16, 2015 at 8PM

(87 Lafayette Street, New York, NY 10013)

Ticket : $15

Artistic Asian Runs On Shorts is a collaborative project based in New York City founded by Heesuk Chae. The mission is to bring new artists and working professionals from all forms of arts including theatre, film, dance, music, and visual arts to collaborate and produce new works. AAROS's ultimate goal is to create a multi-arts platform for Asian and Asian-American artists. 

Artistic Asian Runs On Shorts will present a series of short plays and films. 
The featured performances are:

  • Cooking with Granny (webseries) by Caroline Shin
  • Adventure (play) written by Mayumi Lane and directed by Summer Dawn Hortillosa
    with David Gazzo and Adelyne Liu
  • Color of the Mind (film) written by Angel Lam and directed by Mida Chu
    with Charlotte Griffith, David Holland, and Dara Potts
  • ATM (play) written by Esther Ko and directed by Heesuk Chae
    with Joseph Caintic and Judy Lei
  • Author's Ice (film) by Daigoro Hirahata
    with Marion Elaine and Jovannei Arroyo
  • 3 Women Waiting (play) written by Marissa Carpio and directed by Esther Ko
    with Mariel Reyes, Robie Park, and Marissa Carpio
  • How About Dinner Tonight? (film) by Ashish Pant
    with Andy Putnam and Nodoka Yoshida

For more information, please visit or contact at 917-749-0709.

Miro Yoon