2013-2014 Open Stage: Gamin Ensemble

Thursday, February 13, 2014 at 7PM

Gallery Korea, Korean Cultural Service NY

Gamin had a solo recital concert, “Gamin’s Piri, Meet the World!” at Bennett Media Studio in New York in 2011. Under the same concept of connecting the old (traditional music) and new (contemporary music), this performance will feature more diversity in her musical instruments, such as Piri, Taepyeongso, and Saenghwang, meeting the sophisticated sounds from new experimental languages of contemporary music. 

This performance aims to introduce the vibrancy and diversity of Korean traditional music by working with musicians of other disciplines including Jazz, Classical and Contemporary music. Gamin’s performance will contribute towards creating new works and collaborations with other world artists. This group will show that traditional music is not limited in one’s country but can be combined with other music genres in different parts of the world. 


  • Gamin: Sounds Artist & Musician (piri, taepyeongso, saenghwang)
  • Hyo-Jee Kang: Composer of Metamorphose 2014, Sounds Artist
  • Elliott Sharp: Composer, Performer, Multi-instrumentalist
  • Satoshi Takeishi: Drummer, Percussionist
  • Dancer: Jee Yoon Hong

Act I. Traditional Korean Music

  1. Sangryungsan
  2. Piri Sanjo
  3. Taepyeongmu Sinawi

Act II. Metamorphose

  • Interdisciplinary artwork that combines sounds & movements

Act III. Cross-Cultural Improvisation

  • Ensemble with western instruments


Admission: Free but RSVP needed

Information: performingarts@koreanculture.org, 212-759-9550  

Miro Yoon