Open Stage: Hyeseon Hong Jazz Orchestra

Thursday, April 25, 2013 at 7PM

Korean Cultural Service NY

2012-2013 Open Stage proudly presents big band jazz in the house! 

We have selected one of the best jazz orchestra performance groups, conducted by Hyeseon Hong. 

Ms. Hong’s compositions combine lush harmonic textures with dense, thorough arrangements. Blending elements of jazz, classical, and traditional Korean music, Ms. Hong’s music is multi-layered and colorful; her music paints a fascinating landscape in each listener’s mind. Within her pieces, spaces open up allowing individual musicians to shine, improvising over vibrant backgrounds and chord changes. The performance will feature improvisations by some of New York’s finest instrumentalists. 

Hyeseon Hong is an accomplished composer, arranger, and pianist working extensively in both New York City and Seoul, Korea. 

“Exhilarating compositions combining Korean traditional music with the sounds of New York big band jazz. Exciting composer!” - Korean Daily News


  • Sketch of Spring
  • Love Song
  • Boat Song
  • Raindrops Dance
  • Para Mi Amigo Distance

Admission is free.

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