Open Stage 2012-2013: Dance Beats of Korea

Wednesday, January 30, 2013 at 7PM: "Glass Ceiling"
Thursday, January 31, 2013 at 7PM: "Movements in Time"
Friday, February 1, 2013 at 7PM: "Tradition & Beyond"

Gallery Korea at Korean Cultural Service NY

Korean Cultural Service NY (KCSNY) proudly presents “Open Stage 2012-2013,” a public recruiting program of exceptional arts performances, which gives artists and performing groups a chance to showcase their work in New York City. “Open Stage,” the first performance series of its kind, was developed to diversify the performance content of the events held at KCSNY. “Open Stage” will introduce a selection of performances organized by different themes through June of 2013. 

In January and February, “Open Stage” features Korean Dance as the main theme in its third stage of performances. The Dance Beats of Korea series is scheduled to run from January 30 (Wednesday) to February 1 (Friday), nightly, at 7:00 pm at Gallery Korea inside the Korean Cultural Service NY, and is comprised of three dynamic programs that feature a modern, multidisciplinary take on traditional take on traditional Korean dance. 

  • Wednesday, January 30, 7:00 pm: "Glass Ceiling" by Yoo & Dancers
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  • Thursday, January 31, 7:00 pm: "Movements in Time" by NARU Korean Contemporary Performing Arts
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  • Friday, February 1, 7:00 pm: "Tradition & Beyond" by Song Hee Lee Dance Company
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Yoo and Dancers performing “Glass Ceiling
Jan. 30, Wednesday, 7:00 pm

Part I: Unwritten (A)
Part I: Unwritten (B)
Part II: Without A Net

Yoo and Dancers is a modern dance company founded in 2009 by Hee Ra Yoo upon completing her MFA at NYU Tisch. Before coming to New York, Yoo has danced with the Korean National Ballet, the California Ballet, the San Diego City Ballet, the Canberra Dance Theatre in Australia, and the Kirov Ballet company Russia, and she has also coached the Australian and Korean Olympic Gymnastics Teams. In New York City, Ms. Yoo has taught at the Joffrey Ballet School, Dance New Amsterdam, and Peridance. 

In “Glass Ceiling,” dancers defy the audience’s understanding of traditional physics by performing as if various walls and surfaces of the space are in fact the floor. By opening the viewers’ minds to different perspectives, we are forced to think of our relationship to space in new ways.

NARU Korean Contemporary Performing Arts performing “Movements in Time
Jan. 31, Thursday, 7:00 pm

Part I: Movements of the Past
Part II: Movements of the Now

Founded in 2007, NARU is a mainstream performing arts organization in New York City featuring some of the youngest and most versatile artists in the field, specializing in both contemporary and traditional Korean dance repertoire. Through collaborations with traditional Korean musicians and film artists (dance camera), NARU seeks to explore the essence of Korean artistic culture. 

"Movements in Time" consists of two sections that exhibit the journey in time from the past to the present. By juxtaposing traditional dance styles with a modern approach, NARU bring the possibilities of Korean dance into bold relief.

The Song Hee Lee Dance Company performing “Tradition & Beyond
Feb. 1, Friday, 7:00 pm

Intro Music
Part I: Touch-Me-Not (Comfort Women) 
Intro Music
Part II: Four Walls

Tradition & Beyond is a multi-disciplinary project that explores traditional and contemporary choreography through an infusion of live would music. This unique project will be the culmination of Songhee Lee’s artistic expression to give Korean tradition a modern and western edge.Her world music ensemble will include Korean traditional instruments including the gayageum (Rami Seo) and haegeum (Hee Jung Han), and Western instruments such as the contrabass (Joonsam Lee), drum/percussions (Satoshi Takeishi), and electronic synthesizer (Matt Baker). The ensemble will provide the live accompaniment of the dancers and will enhance the dancer’s communication with the audiences.
The performance will include two main acts. The first act will present “Touch-Me-Not”(Comfort Women) is one of the most powerful expressions of the Korean sense of Han, a mixture of grief and longing. Songhee Lee and the music ensemble will express the Han in a new choreography and music with a contemporary edge. The second act will premier Lee’s new project “ Four Walls” that represents our lives within four limited distinctions: four seasons( 봄·여름·가을·겨울), four emotions (희로애락), and four elements (물· 불 ·바람 ·흙). Lee and her music ensemble will explore each and every aspect of the “Four Walls” and will exchange the expressions in a conversational tone.


Free admission but RSVP required.

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