Gallery Korea presents the Exhibition "Personal Zone"

July 28 ~ August 20, 2010

Gallery Korea of Korean Culture Service NY

Opening Reception: Wednesday, July 28, 6 ~ 8 PM

Following Gallery Korea’s successful first show from “Call For Artists 2010”, the second show is ready to begin with high expectation and confidence. The second show, “Personal Zone” is based on the idea of human interaction. The work of six artists, Heejung Kim, Jin-kang Park, Eunah Song, Suyeon Na, Seo Jo and Yoon Cho, explore various degrees of emotional states in which most of them are driven from a dark side of communication. Numerous breathtaking and inspiring interpretations of each work allow the viewers to navigate through its mystic “Personal Zone”. 

(Heejung Kim)
"Communication is essential not only to express my thoughts, but also as the most basic tool to convey my existence."

(Jin-kang Park)
"I am interested in human networks. I am fascinated by how these vast connections are formed and how sensitive they can be if I look close at each relationship.  However, what makes me more intrigued is how people can force the human network to break by building walls and borders."

(Eunah Song)
"My interest is about human suffering. Using human figures and line variations are my main media digitally and non-digitally."

(Suyeon Na)
"I attempt to embody both the conflict arising between the homeland and the new environment and my struggle to create continuous self between the past and present."

(Seo Jo)
"These self-portraits are not just about my private world but about a human being who was tempted to go against nature, however, turned out to be inseparable from it."

(Yoon Cho)
"My themes focus on the loss of and search for identity, the conflicts that occur when building a new identity, and conforming to social surroundings. The performance captured in my work is the result of my experience in these social and physical surroundings."

Miro Yoon