Gallery Korea presents the exhibition "Living Ink"

September 30 - October 23, 2009

Location: Gallery Korea, Korean Cultural Service NY
(460 Park Ave. 6th Fl. NYC)

Opening Reception: Wednesday, September 30, 6-8pm

The Korean Cultural Service New York (KCSNY) is pleased to present "Living Ink", an exhibition of seven established women artists who have been exploring contemporary ways using the traditional East Asian media of ink and paper. Inkyung Park and Chantal Robillard work in France, Eunnim Ro in Germany, Eunkyung Won in Korea, and Lin Yan, Masako Inkyo and Sungsook Setton(curator) are based in New York. 

Although these artists come from different parts of the world with different cultural background, they are all passionate about employing traditional East Asian media.  Influenced by a broad mix of cultures, these artists bring to us their unique perspective to seeing the world.

Calligrapher, Masako Inkyo is most inspired by nature, particularly the feelings of  peacefulness and harmony that she communicate within her work.  Inkyung Park uses the Korean phonetic alphabet, Hangeul, as a tool to create images which synthesize linguistic and pictorial elements. Chantal Robillard expresses the diverse bodily gestures and facial aspects of cosmopolitan crowds and simultaneously the various emotions of her own inner crowds. 

Infusing German Expressionism with a sense of Asian introspection, Eunnim Ro uses her childhood memories as the medium to depict her inner journeys. Sungsook Setton’s workplaces emphasis on ki, that mysterious element of vitality treasured by East Asian artists, which is evoked by the rhythm, simplicity and spontaneity of the brush. 

Eunkyung Won reinterprets traditional Korean landscapes in a uniquely minimalistic fashion. Lin Yan utilizes traditional Chinese handmade paper and ink in sculptural form, creating new aesthetic possibilities.

Gallery Korea is open from 10:00am to 5:00pm, Monday through Fridays. For more information contact Ms. Yu Jin Hwang, curator at the KCSNY by phone: 
(212) 759-9550 or by email:

Miro Yoon