Strata of Time: The Layers of Tradition

March 5 – March 31, 2014

Gallery Korea of the Korean Cultural Service NY

Opening Reception: Wednesday, March 5, 2014 at 6-8PM

The Korean Cultural Service NY is pleased to present for the inaugural exhibition for Call for Artists 2014, titled, “Strata of Time: The Layers of Tradition.” The show will feature four contemporary artists of Korean background active in the United States: Bongsang Cho, Sei Ryun Chun, Jiyoung Chung, and Sangjoon Park. 

Inspired by the high level of craftsmanship that dwells within the deep-rooted culture of Korea, the four artists have reinterpreted traditional techniques into modern forms. The very foundations of their artworks lie in their affection and respect for traditional Korean art, and building from this—layer by layer—these four artists have created works that transcend limitations of both time and space. Their works lie in the break between yesterday and today, the traditional and contemporary. Three of the artists featured in this exhibition, Bongsang Cho, Jiyoung Chung, and Sangjoon Park have also been selected to be included in the prestigious Smithsonian Craft Show, contributing to the visibility of Korean art and artists in the United States and internationally.

Miro Yoon