The Itinerary of Mobility and Translation

June 27 – July 31, 2012

Gallery Korea of the Korean Cultural Service NY

Opening Reception: Wednesday, June 27, 6-8 PM

The Gallery Korea of Korean Cultural Service NY is pleased to present “The Itinerary of Mobility and Translation” with Soocheon Jheon, Donghee Koo, Kenny Kyungmi Kim, Zune Lee, Jong Oh, and Todd Holoubek. These Seoul and New York based installation and media artists are inspired by certain concepts that the visionary architectural group called Archigram originally raised in the 1960s: mobility, expendability, and nomadic “instant” space. By approaching spatial concepts in the light of constant fluidity and movement, the visionary designers looked at the futuristic “walking cities” in the air much like science fiction or cartoons, and break the concept of fixed space via movement. Space is constantly expanded as real places are transformed into unreal or even surreal spaces and new meanings are created via this spatial translation. 

Moreover in depth, they examine the social, political, cultural, and psychological constructions inherent in the ideas of visible/invisible mobility and voyage. Our perception of different images or cultures can be envisioned in the process. This exhibition looks at six international artists approaching “mobility/voyage” in real space or cyberspace as an important means of inviting diverse opinions in creating “social space” where conflicting ideas are met. The media for the exhibition are unconfined.

Miro Yoon