The Emography of Huh Hwe-tae

March 24 - April 22, 2010

Gallery Korea of the Korean Cultural Service NY

Opening Reception: Wednesday, March 24, 6-8PM

The Emography of Huh Hwe-tae at the Korean Cultural Service NY

The US exhibition of Korean artist, Huh Hwe-tae, The Emography of Huh Hwe-tae, will open at the Korean Cultural Service New York on March 24 and continue to April 22, 2010. The tour reaches New York after highly-praised exhibits at James Madison University, George Mason University, the Korean Embassy in Washington, DC and Eastern Mennonite University. The US exhibition comes on the heels of the artist’s widely-acclaimed 2006 German and 2008 Korean exhibitions. The New York show will demonstrate his contemporary art known as Emography as well as elaborate seal engraving pieces.

Emography is a new art form that merges calligraphy and painting. Emography was invented in 2005 by Huh Hwe-tae, Director of the Moosan Emographic Art Institute in Seoul, Korea. He uses enormous brushes to paint images on paper, ceramics, furniture or other media. At first glance, the viewer sees simple calligraphy characters. But, when viewed in depth, the characters transform into images and the images have a deeper meaning than their superficial appearance.

Mr. Huh won the Grand Prize at the 1995 National Art Exhibition, the most honorable art competition in Korea, and is one of the most renowned Korean calligraphic artists and seal engravers. With his US tour, the artist seeks to introduce a new art genre to US audiences and to create a unique aesthetic experience combining ancient Asian calligraphy with modern painting techniques.

The Emography of Huh Hwe-tae opens at the Korean Cultural Service New York on March 24. For more information about the artist and his work, visit

Miro Yoon