Korean American Contemporary Arts, Ltd.(KACAL)'s 10th Anniversary Show

June 10th to 26th, 2009

Gallery Korea of the Korean Cultural Service NY(KCS NY)
460 Park Ave. 6th Fl. NY NY 10022

The KCS NY presents the special exhibition celebrating the 10th Anniversary of Korean American Contemporary Arts, Ltd.(KACAL), held from June 10 to June 26, 2009 at Gallery Korea. The opening reception will be held at Gallery Korea, located within the KCS NY from 6:00pm to 8:00pm on Wednesday, June 10, 2009. 

KACAL has played a key role in enticing professional as well as new talented young artists from various art fields to participate in the organization, since its foundation in 1999. The show introduces the recent works of over 45 artists of the KACAL which range from oil, acrylic and mixed media paintings, photos, videos, installations to Korean paintings and calligraphy, and presents the diverse and vibrant creativity of contemporary Korean artists based in New York area.    

The show was organized by KACAL and the participating artists are as follows : Kwija Cho, Cecil YeunSook Kang, Hyun Chough, Young Choon Lee, Num Yi Lee, Kyung Hee Park, Young Ae Song, Hyang Lan Yun, Min Jung Kim, Seong Ran Hong, Jung Chung Seo, Michel Myoung Hee Kim, Yae Hee Choi, Woo Kyu Woung, Lee Yoosung, Kim Kyungja, Kim Gyoungsun, Kwon Namsook, Suh Soja, Cho Kangoak, Kim Sookjin, Kwon Jonghyun, Sue Cho, Uk Kang, Chieja Chun, Helen Shin, Yeun Sil Chu, Mikyung Suh, Hayan Kim, Seok Jin Cho, Joo Sang Kim Lee, Hyun Sook Park, Mi Yang Yun, Soo Ja Lee, Bok Im Kim, Myong Won Kwon, Jai Won Choi, Keum Cha Kim, Beob Chul Lee, Myung Hee Lee, Nam Chun Cho, Eun Sook You, Sa Hyun choi, Song Hee Lee, Dong Hun Park, Ki Sook Park, Park Joon, Yun Jinsuk. 

There is a special performance of Korean traditional dance, choreographed and performend by Song Hee Lee, to congratulate the opening of the show on June 10, 2009. 

Gallery Korea hours are 10:00am to 5:00pm, Monday through Friday. For more information, contact Ms. Yu Jin Hwang, curator at the Korean Cultural Service New York by phone: (212) 759-9550 or by email: nyarts@koreanculture.org.

Miro Yoon