Gallery Korea presents the exhibition "Form/Norm"

March 4th to March 27th, 2009

Gallery Korea

The Korean Cultural Service New York presents the exhibition Form/Norm, held from March 4th to March 27th, 2009 at Gallery Korea. The opening reception will be held at Gallery Korea, located within the Korean Cultural Service NY from 6:00pm to 8:00pm on Wednesday, March 4, 2009. 

Form/Norm is the second show from the finalists of “Call For Artists 2009” with Hyun Kyung Yoon(ceramic), Jungsu Han(sculpture), Kakyoung Lee(video), Michelle Eunsil Lee(installation), Tae-Young Chang(photography) and Ujin Lee(mixed media). Six artists show dynamic conversations within the various mediums on formal relations and different spatial dimensions. 

Hyun Kyung Yoon and Michelle Eunsil Lee use ceramic pieces as compositional forms within a larger context. Hyun Kyung Yoon, who uses big egg shell shaped ceramic sculptures to symbolize the creation of life, will show her recent series, “Indeterminate Lines”(installation view, above), which is inspired by the cursive brush style of East Asian calligraphy. The artist’s impression from nature is visualized into the various ceramic shapes of flowing lines against the wall which seems as if the spontaneous strokes of the ink brush are applied to paper. The way clay works portrayed as the two-dimensional drawing on the wall is similar in Michelle Eunsil Lee’s work ‘Unspeakable’. Using pieces of ceramic sculpture randomly throughout her 7 feet high wooden frame construction (inspired by a Korean traditional wood door) Lee speaks of the memory and a lost sense of place, transformed by a whole image of rectangular framework with circular parts to provide an inside look into abstract painting. The objects and the negative space outlined by make a rhythmic dialog.     

Jungsu Han and Ujin Lee make use of the surface of materials and explore the nature of art representation and the relationship both two-dimensional and three-dimensional objects. Jungsu Han will present a long engaged ‘Meniscus’ series. The series is what he calls a “sculptural installation painting (and drawing)”. In this formal combination of painting and sculpture, Han tries to mention all aspects of the different medium as well as to combine illusion with reality. Ujin Lee’s mixed media works comments on the role of represented forms and the relationship between objects. The recent works, ‘25’ and ‘Geum Kang mountain’ will be featured and audiences will see how drawn objects and real material respond to each other; changing from different viewpoints and making a constant motion in a given space. 

Tae-Young Chang and Kakyoung Lee take the forms of ordinary objects or motion and re-creates them into a new vision by going through a few steps. Tae-Young Chang comments on the consumerism and advertising. Chang noticed that the image or brand of a product overwhelms its function. He tries to nullify all the codes of consumption such as logo and packaging. On the other hand, Kakyoung Lee presents a digital animation made from hundreds of images based on the stories of her daily life. In her ‘Day’ series and ‘Climbing Up’, we see reconstructed forms of moving images of human life on the theme of its repetitive cycle and life as journey. The work is the combination of drawings, printmaking, photography and digitalizing. 

Gallery hours are 10:00am to 5:00pm, Monday through Friday. 

For more information, contact Ms. Yu Jin Hwang, curator at the Korean Cultural Service New York by phone: (212) 759-9550 or by email:

Miro Yoon