The 4th “Masterpieces of Traditional Craft: The Harmony of Korean Traditional Crafts"

September 20 - October 18, 2007

Gallery Korea, Korean Cultural Service NY
Opening Reception: September 20, 2007, 6 - 8pm

The Korean Cultural Service NY presents the 4th “Masterpieces of Traditional Craft: The Harmony of Korean Traditional Crafts” show, and pleased to introduce the Korean handicraft traditions to the international hub of arts and crafts. For the first time in its 28 years of history, it is the first large scale craft show at Gallery Korea, and it will show you Koreans’ cultural spirit and crafts, which supports our society and the foundation of the future. 

The exhibition is organized on the occasion of the New York Korean Festival—annual autumn festivals— and will be on display for a month until the beginning of the festival. The show comprised of twenty pieces manufactured by officially designated artisans in various handicrafts fields such as metal, wood, and fiber crafts as well as paper crafts made with Korean mulberry paper. These handicrafts provide both Korean expatriates and other cultural groups the opportunity to appreciate the traditional beauty of Korean crafts and its contemporary succession. 

The exhibition was organized by Korea Foundation for Traditional & Intangible Cultural Properties, The Korean Produce Association Inc. and supported by Cultural Heritage Administration. 

Miro Yoon