Pictures and Stories

May 21 -June 16, 2002

Gallery Korea at the Korean Cultural Center New York
(460 Park Ave. 6th Floor, New York, NY 10022)

Gallery Korea is pleased to announce the presentation of a group exhibition, Pictures and Stories, from May 21 to June 18, 2002. The five artists in this exhibition work in various genres and each articulates distinctive scenarios in illusory pictorial space. Teresa Vadala’s large pastels feature people engaged in domestic activities. The figures are brightly colored but defined with deep shadow that, with sharp interior lighting, lends suspense to a familiar scene. In the expressive canvases of Son Young-Sun, figures are meshed with objects in a shallow pictorial space filled with vibrant colors and dynamic movement. Recurring images birds and flowers suggest multicolored dreams and an aspiration for flight and integration with the natural world. Kiho Nam builds planar compositions with various materials such as carpets or sheet lead. Figures and objects are defined as silhouettes and this creates the appearance of stasis, yet the crude physicality occasionally gives a sense of wrestling movement to the figures.
The installation by Joonhyun Kim consists of enlarged images reproduced from newspaper advertising that are placed on the gallery walls. Superimposed in this are painted images of a candle in full flame evoking an incongruous marriage of the sacred and profane. Robert Mahorney draws on paper that is mounted on wood. He then surrounds the image with a thin layer of gesso and covers the whole with a layer of wax. A myriad of lines in the drawing creates an intricate construction containing tiny figures enclosed in tight spaces and discrete recesses. The pictures in this exhibition are constructed with a variety of materials and processes that in different ways elaborate aspects of each artist’s vision.

Miro Yoon