December 6, 2001 - January 4, 2002

Gallery Korea at the Korean Cultural Center New York
(460 Park Ave. 6th Floor, New York, NY 10022)

Gallery Korea is pleased to announce the opening of Humble a group exhibition that runs from December 6 through January 4, 2002. The exhibition is not an exercise in humility; rather it encompasses art that indicates various ways rich aesthetic ideas can be articulated with modest materials. 
Hye-min Lee writes that she wants “to give life to hidden and neglected spaces.” She investigates material properties in a video piece in which an image of a red textured surface plane appears to change from solid to liquid. In this transformation the rounded bumps that resemble the grain of a basketball separate into vibrating bubbles and an image of water comes into focus. Ilene Sunshine uses small sections of fir trees that are embellished with touches of paint and modified with colored twine that binds the parts and gives each variation a idiosyncratic identity.

Paper is both essential and ephemeral to our lives. Yuken Teruya evokes the quicksilver character of monetary exchange by placing paper banknotes on skewers that twist in rhythmic vibrations. In another work he cuts an ornate miniature tree out of the side of a paper bag. Travis Childers will install a battalion of military tanks on the floor of the gallery. Made from graph paper these tiny vehicles are both menacing and vulnerable.
Sophie Jeehyun Kim creates an astonishingly complicated pictorial space through arranging small colored paper triangles in various patterns. No patterns are repeated and there is an hallucinatory aspect to dynamic color relations and geometric shapes that emerge from the simple mathematical principles of her composition. 

In this exhibition the play of imagination imbues mundane materials with sensual, quizzical form.

Miro Yoon