Young Gun in the Time

Tuesday, March 12, 2013 at 7PM

Tribeca Cinemas
(54 Varick Street, NYC)

Oh Young-Doo, 2012

Series Two: Micro-Budget Genre Invasion!

The Korean Cultural Service has previously offered up plenty of micro-budget cinema and the best in Korea’s genre offerings, but this spring, we’re combining the two – and delivering New York four of the country’s most exciting micro-budgeted action, science fiction, and horror films! 

It is easier for larger studios to be forced to break away from the directors’ original visions to create projects that focus on mass appeal. But these micro-budget films, financed by brave individuals rather than companies, offer creative, strange, and boundary-pushing movies that no studio in their right mind would create! We’re talking about the wildest, weirdest genre films you can imagine – from Korea’s undisputed kings of micro-budgets! 

Get ready for an invasion, New York City… because you’re about to go up against crazed criminals, lovelorn time travelers, brain-hungry zombies, and a pair of extraterrestrial beachwear! It doesn’t get much stranger than this!


Director Oh Young-Doo and producer Kaizo Hayashi (president of the jury at Japan’s Yubari Fantastic Film Festival 2011) team up for this intense, dramatic adventure! Young Gun (Hong Young-Geun) is a petty detective drawn to a mysterious woman with a startling personal request. After turning her down, he follows the starlet out of his office, only to see her killed in a violent car accident. Traumatized, he’s soon even more shocked to see the same woman appear before him, begging him to find a way back in time so that he might save her life. Young Gun has only three days to complete his task… but first, he’s going to need to find a time machine!

Financed for an amazing low budget of $45,000, more than half of Young Gun in the Time’s funds came from the cash prize from Director Oh winning the Grand Prix at the Yubari Fantastic Film Festival in 2011! 


Tribeca Cinemas:
54 Varick Street, on the corner of Canal Street, one block from the A, C, E and 1 train Canal Street stops

All seating is first-come, first served.
Doors open at 6:30PM.

Miro Yoon