Tuesday, May 1, 2012 at 7 PM

Tribeca Cinemas
(54 Varick Street, NYC)

2010, 124mim

2012 Korean Movie Night
Series III: "Epic Romance"

Romance is in the air, but this time, it’s getting EPIC. 

Love that spans the ages has been a longtime favorite of Chinese and Japanese cinema, but it wasn’t until the last decade that epic, awe-inspiring romantic blockbusters made their way into Korean film –but when they hit, they hit with a vengeance! The floodgates opened and nobility clashed with peasants, royalty fell for servants, and everyone somehow stumbled across their soulmates amidst the wildest, most untamed eras of Korean history. So prepare yourself for a healthy dose of action, plenty of gut-busting comedy, and all the swoon-inducing, star-crossed lovers you can possibly take as we present New York City with a bouquet of Korea’s most epic romances! 

Tuesday, May 1 @ 7pm
THE SERVANT (2010), 124min
Opening at number one at the Korean box office, this retelling of Chunhyang-jeon (Korea’s version of Romeo & Julietwhich has been remade hundreds of times) is told from the point-of-view of Bang-Ja (Kim Ju-Hyuk), a servant of the young scholar Lee Mong-lyong. Bang-Ja is normally an incidental character in Chunhyang-jeon who does little more than act as a go-between for the star-crossed lovers, but here he’s elevated to center stage and the result is a funny, touching, unexpected twist on a classic tale. Writer/director Kim Dae-Woo, who crafts pure cinematic magic here, also wrote the script for 2003’s Untold Scandal, the hit Korean riff on Dangerous Liasions.

Miro Yoon