ChungMuRo Express: Chungnyeo

Thursday, August 27, 2009 at 6:30 PM

ImagineAsian Theatre
(239 East 59th St., NYC)

KIM Ki-young, Melodrama, Grade 18, 115 minutes

Classic Korean Cinema presents Chungnyeo


Myeong-ja, daughter of a concubine, is traumatized because she lost her father to his legal wife. Because of poverty, she works at a bar and is raped by Dong-shik when she asks him if she can become his concubine. In order to heal his impotence, Dong-shik's legal wife offers them an allowance on the condition that he comes back home by midnight. In addition, she cleverly has his tubes tied, and let Myeong-ja move to a two story house. On the day she moves in, Dong-shik's daughter gives mice to Myeong-ja for a present, and a baby appears in their freezer. Annoyed by the mice in her house, Myeong-ja one day loses the baby at home. Strange things happen constantly, and Dong-shik tries to leave Myeong-ja as soon as he finds a baby's corpse in the freezer. Afraid of being left alone, she kills Dong-shik in the end.


Guest Speaker: Ms. Hyun-Ock Im

ImagineAsian Theatre (239 East 59th St., NYC, Tel: 212-371-6682)

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