ChungMuRo Express: The Contact (Jeobsok)

Thursday, April 23, 2009 at 6:30 PM

ImaginAsian Theatre
(239 E. 59th St., NYC)

Chang Yun-hyun, Drama, Grade 15, 106 minutes

Classic Korean Cinema presents The Contact (Jeobsok)


The Contact was a breakthrough hit in 1997 that catapulted Jeon Do-yeon to stardom and took many Korean viewers by surprise: they had never expected such an urbane, meticulously constructed, intelligent melodrama from Korean filmmakers. The Contact is indeed an immensely well-crafted film, a star vehicle for Jeon and Han Suk-kyu, wonderful as they are in their respective roles. Jeon Do-yeon (Su-hyeon) makes a daring choice of presenting herself as a plain, homey figure, perhaps even subject to bouts of girlish delusion. The Contact deserves to claim its position among the cream of the crop from Korean films of the 1990s.   
-Kyu Hyun  Kim,

This film is presented in Korean with English subtitles.
Film Curator Ms. Hyun-Ock Im will give an introductory remark of the program and lead a discussion after the screening.

ImaginAsian Theatre (239 E. 59th St., New York, NY, Tel: 212-371-6682)

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