Becoming an Actress in New York / Turtle Sisters

Thursday, October 22, 2009

ImagineAsian Theatre
(239 East 59th St., NYC)

Yunah Hong/Feminist Video Activism WOM, Documentary, Grade All, 32 minutes/45 minutes

Program I
Becoming an Actress in New York
Screening with Director Q & A
Directed by Yunah Hong
Total Running Time: 32 min.

Director Yunah Hong Q & A

We are given glimpses into their daily rituals and share many candid and revealing moments that further underline the drive and determination of these strong independent women. All three come from prestige drama schools and have agents. All three are Korean American, which further complicates their quest for parts. There is no Cinderella ending, which make their energy, professionalism and persistence that much more impressive. 

Program II
Turtle Sisters
Directed by Feminist Video Activism WOM
Total Running Time: 45 min.
World Premiere

Young-hee, Young-ran, and Soon-cheon call themselves ‘the turtle sisters.’ All of them are first-degree handicapped women, yet they have devoted their lives to improve the rights of handicapped women challenging the discrimination they receive from society. Furthermore, they agreed to expose their private lives to change the misleading conceptions towards handicapped women. The film deals with the everyday lives of the three women who have been living together for five years. Their lives are not so different from other people. The film carefully attempts to challenge the prejudice against impediments and handicapped people and shows how handicapped women strive to lead independent lives. 

Miro Yoon