StoriesScenesMovies: Forever the Moment ( Woo-ri Saeng-ae Chwe-go-ui Soon-gan )

Thursday December 11, 2008 at 6:30 PM

ImaginAsian Theatre
(239 E. 59th St., NYC)

YIM Soon-rye, Drama, 124 minutes

The Athens Olympics are approaching and Korea is looking for gold in every sport. Korean women in particular have done well in almost areas except for the ignored and looked down upon sport of Team Handball. And when the team is assembled, it doesn’t look when the players who show up are women in their 30s ad teens with piercing. Can this oddball group overcome their personal differences and hardships and somehow come together as a team? 
This film is presented in Korean with English subtitles.

Free Admission : RSVP 212-759-9550

ImaginAsian Theatre (239 E. 59th St., New York, NY, Tel: 212-371-6682)

Miro Yoon