A Night at the Movies: Camel(s)

Thursday, September 13, 2007 at 6:30 PM

ImaginAsia Theatre
(239 East 59th St., NYC)

PARK Ki-yong, 91 minutes

Camel(s), a digital film by PARK Ki-yong is a story about a man and a woman with a feeling of being alike. A man in his early 40s and a woman in her late 30s set off for a small port city called Wolgot. Each has a family of their own; however, somehow they feel in the same way and take a journey together. Camel(s) was invited to the Berlin International Film Festival, Rotterdam International Film Festival, and other film festivals in 2002.  

ImaginAsian Theatre (239 East 59th St. New York, NY, TEL: 212-371-6682) 
Free Admission.  RSVP at 212-759-9550

Miro Yoon