A Night at the Movies: Saeya Saeya (HD Feature Drama)

Thursday, March 8, 2007 at 6:30 PM

Korean Cultural Service New York

KO Young-tak, 98 minutes

This magic, moving and poetic story about the power of love, Saeya Saeya is based on a novel by Shin Kyeong Suk, published in 1993. A deaf mother and her two deaf sons with no names (they are just called 멳ig-one?and 몊mall-one? explores the notion of love in human society even though their lives are full of sadness and pain. This drama won the winner of TV Movies category at the 58th Prix Italia and TV Film category at the 11th Asian TV Awards. HD Feature Dramas is series which adapts famous Korean novels into TV dramas produced by Korea Broadcasting System (KBS).

Miro Yoon