March 23, 2006 at 6:30 PM

Korean Cultural Service NY

Woo-suk Kang, Drama

Director Woo-suk Kang's ("Two Cops", "Public Enemy") Cold War movie features an all-star cast including Sung-ki Ahn ("Chiwaseon", "Musa"), Je-young Jung ("No Blood No Tears", "Guns & Talks") and Kyung-ku Sul ("Oasis", "Public Enemy"). This movie revolves around a group of 31 South Korean criminals originally sentenced to death, who received a parole on a condition that they would take part in a top secret, suicide military mission in 1968-their squad was called 684. The mission for 684 was to assassinate the leader of North Korea. Later, this elite squad was double-crossed by their own government who ordered the termination of 684 members after the mission was called off. The members of 684 changed their target, in revenge, from the North Korean leader to South Korean president, Chung-hee Park. This movie is based on actual events.


Guest Speaker Ms. Hyun-Ock Im will briefly introduce the film and lead a discussion after the end of the movie.

Miro Yoon